1.What are you looking for?
Our professional team will find all SMT related equipments & spare parts for you in China.

2.Why do you buy from us?
Your payment is safe,
we are a good faith enterprise, and we are a group company, you won’t have to worry about the money’s safety of remittance because of a small trading company has risk to be closed easily.

You will get good quality for SMT related equipments & spare parts.
In China, we mainly provide SMT service to listed company, we are their faithful partners. All of our stocks for secondhand SMT machines & SMT spare parts with good condition from them. We also have original and new SMT & spare parts in stock.

Our partners in China: Foxconn, HuaWei, Midea, Liteon

You will get more competitive cost from us.
In China, we are the one of biggest SMT integrated group company, we have rich resource and wide connections to get better purchasing price, so we also offer the competitive price to our esteemed buyers.

You will get the guarantee of after-sales service.
We have powerful strength & good faith to guarantee of after-sales service.

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