Our leaders’ team has rich experiences in financial background, SMT production line technology, management of listed company customers, management of SMT processing factory, operation of plastic mold factory, etc. With guidance of our CEO, with efforts of our whole team, we created a safe, comprehensive, effective market access point to help our customer to get a better future. Currently we serve for well-known companies such as Liteon of Group, XIN JIA, Midea, etc.

Mr. Xie(CEO)

Mr. Xie Engaged in SMT processing machine related business from 2004 and become a dark house of Overseas’ secondary placement machine businbess in SMT industry just in a few short years. In 2014, Mr. Xie seized the moment that overseas’ nice maintenance secondary placement machine sales hot , invested 28,000,000RMB to purchase all 

Julie Fan(Overseas sales director)

Join in TaJee in 2009, responsible for overseas business such as inquiry, negotiation, contract signing, machines’ import and export, machines transport by sea and by air, etc. Ms Julie Fan has more than 10 years’ experiences in foreign trade. She speaks English very well, works hard, keeps stable business cooperation with many 

Mr. Huang Changling(Domestic sales director)

He Joined in TaJee in 2011, he responsibles for daily businesses, goods at grasp the details, lead team achieve goals one by one. Before Mr. Huang Joined in Tajee, he had 5 years sales experiences in listed company, familiar with business operation process and requirements of Listed company. He’s 

Mr. Wang Hua yin(Sales Manager)

He responsibles for manage trade operation. He followed our CEO in 2004, is a Senior level person of our Company. Start from CEO assistant, sales, became our Sales Manager, Mr. Wang Hua yin kept up every step and witnessed every process of company’s development. Mr. Wang is modest and honest, on-call everywhere

Zhang Huawei(Project Manager)

Mr. Zhang Huawei worked in SMT factory as an operator of Yamaha placement machine from 2008 to 2012, by his own effort, Mr. Zhang Huawei was familiar with operation, repair, installation and maintenance of Yamaha placement machine and FUJI NXT machine. By recruit of our company,

Mr. Fan Jing yu(After-Sales Manager)

Company trained Mr. Fan jing yu as customer service professionals. Before Mr. Fan Jingyu joined in TaJee, CEO arranged him worked in three different SMT placement factory as normal operator to familiar with installation, repair and maintenance of SMT placement machines. At the same time, 

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